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The pet nursing station has been created to provide essential care for puppies and kittens. There are three main reasons for inventing the pet nursing station. The first reason would be to provide for newborns that don’t receive enough nourishment from the mother. The second use for the station is in instances where the newborns have lost their mother and need the station for support. The third focus would be caused by mothers rejecting their babies or simply not providing enough milk for their babies. Newborns up to three weeks of age need to be fed every two to three hours. May any situation above occur, an individual would use the pet nursing station to help support the babies.

The station has three holes for three bottles. Therefore, you can feed three newborns at once. The benefit for the caretaker is to be able to feed three at one time instead of one at a time. This allows the caretaker to have two free hands at all times to care for them. The benefit to having three newborns eating at once, the caretaker will receive more rest because they are reducing the feeding time.

The pet nursing station is designed to work easily and efficiently. The station is designed to properly and securely hold bottles for newborn puppies and kittens. The bottles are placed into cradles and locked into place by a sliding mechanism that is attached to the back of the cradle. This forces the bottle forward on the front of the nursing station so that the newborns won't force the bottle out of the cradle by applying pressure onto the nipple. The newborns will lye with their stomachs down while looking slightly upward while sucking on the nipple. This allows easy flow into the babies mouth and directly into the stomach. This also restricts the newborns from choking on the liquid in the bottle. The pet nursing station is suited for all breeds and most species so it is designed for large breed newborns and small breed newborns, up to three to four weeks of age or until weaned. Depending on the newborn's age and size they will be elevated by using the caretaker's choice of product so that the newborns can reach the nipple. The pet nursing station will serve as a temporary or permanent mother.